3rd year of Digital media engineering

Im in my 3rd year of digital media engineering, and I feel like I want to switch. I realized im into ux/ui and graphic design, but the courses i’m currently taking have almost nothing to do with it (discrete math,digital system design,computer graphics,databases…), My program is 5 years , the 5th is just electives. At the same time I cant switch right now because I already started the year. So I need expert opinions. How do I manage to suck it up to finish my degree and at the same time try to learn graphic design on my own? Or should I switch to anything related to design but it would be late and hard

I’d say it depends on your career goals, but I’d like to point out that this really doesn’t seem to be something that will get many useful responses in the engineering forum (despite the name of your degree). It’s not really an engineering degree as far as I can tell.

I searched digital media engineering at your tagged SCAD school, but could find nothing. Can you provide a link to your program so someone might me able to help?

In my briefs research, User Experience focus can come from either CS (the types of courses you mention plus design courses) or from design/fine arts/etc.

Is it more like this?


Or maybe something like


Human interface design within the CS college…