4-1-4 / interterm semesters?

<p>can anyone tell me more about colleges that use the 4-1-4 semester system? or what the interterm semester is exaclty? i am going to chapman and they have a fall semester, then an intererm semester which is only about 3 weeks and then spring semester. is the interterm optional? or..? any help is greatly appreciated!

<p>generally its for if you want to do like a short but intensive study in a subject (hardcore language immersion is possible) or study abroad without devoting an entire semester. </p>

<p>I know that for many schools it can just be used as a long break</p>

<p>elon university is one school that uses the 4-1-4 semester schedule. all freshmen have to stay on campus for the month of january and you take one class for that time for 3 (i think) hours a day. after that you can stay on campus to take a class or spend the time doing an internship or going on one of their winter term study abroad programs. for those you do most of the work ahead of time and get to go places like italy, hawaii, south america, etc... to study a topic of interest to yourself and the professor. another school i think does this is colorado college. you may want to check with chapman specifically to see whether or not your semester is required.</p>