4 APs enough?

<p>English Lang
English Lit
Art History</p>

<p>... enough AP courses for good colleges/ivy leagues?
Or should I consider moree?</p>


<p>I would consider taking more classes. I'm not sure if four is enough for Ivy League. I suspect not. </p>

<p>At my kid's school the administration and counselors recommend that the brightest kids take AP classes at every opportunity. They advise that when it comes down to a choice between AP vs non-AP, the student should take the AP in every case. Even though the AP is more challenging, and potentially negative to GPA, it prepares the student for an easier transition into college courses at the next level. Colleges get it that AP classes are more challenging, so we have been counseled not to fret over GPA impact of a B grade in an AP class. Many AP classes on the student transcript is impressive to college admissions officers. One of the benefits is that many colleges give credit or advanced placement to high school students that passed the AP exam, so you could shave off as much as one year off a four-year degree at some schools. With all that said, take as many AP classes as you can.</p>

<p>More. A lot more. At our school the AP program requires you to take 9.</p>

<p>Thank you chucktaylor1 and ThePaperEater!
Out of the following: Art History, Comparative Gov +Politics, Environmental Science, World History, European History... which would be relatively easier to start studying for now for the May 2012 exam? I have woken up too late...</p>

<p>Out of the ones you listed, Environmental Science and maybe Comparative Gov are said to be easier.</p>

<p>Right, I'd say EV. Last year I started independent study with my sister and a couple of her friends in December. My sister and I were the only ones from our group able to take it (due to a drastic misunderstanding coming from the AP coordinator at our school regarding the test fees), but she scored a 5 while I managed to receive a 4.</p>

<p>Please note that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Princeton Review for this - we believe that it was the only reason we were able to do so well on the test (well, that and the fact that you can just 'play the game' on the test to receive a high score)</p>