4 free colleges

<p>I was reading about how you get 4 free colleges if you put them down when you take the test. Does that mean they are automatically sent or do you still have a choice?
I wouldn't like that option, not knowing your score, but I've heard students say they weren't putting them down because their score might be lower than predicted.
Any clarification on that?</p>

<p>Yeah you have to choose 4 free reports before taking the test and after you sit for the test, you cannot change those college names or cancel the score reports to send to the school.( except when you cancel your score).</p>

<p>WHAT!? No, you don't have to send your scores to ANY colleges. YOU choose which scores to send to which colleges. This is pretty weird, I took the ACT in June 2008 and I was never asked to post my colleges I wanted to send my scores to. That would be HORRIBLE man. (Horrid stress!) That's the SAT you're thinking of.</p>

<p>No the ACT does that.</p>

<p>And they won't let you cancel them.</p>

<p>I think the confusion is that, in an effort to make money, they let you chose 4 colleges free when you take the test, you can't change them, (fair enough) but from what I'm hearing your scores are automatically sent to the colleges you chose.That I don't understand. My question is if you don't want them sent, is there a choice?
I will try to contact someone there again, it's hard for me during the day, but I have a feeling, they are sent when the scores are ready. Since no one knows what they will get, lower or higher than before, most probably pay the charge to send them one by one.</p>

<p>(ACT is closed until 1/5/09)</p>

<p>Once you put down which four colleges you want your scores to be sent to, the ACT will send them to those colleges and you can not change that. Most people end up seeing which of their ACT scores are the best and then they send that best score later.</p>

<p>for an additional cost, of course!</p>

<p>i put down a college before the act, then realized that that would be stupid considering it was my first test with no prep. so i cancelled it about a week before the test. it said i had successfully cancelled it, but my registration report still had that college listed as a place to send my score.</p>

<p>you guys think im ok? i definitely cancelled it on time, but it says in my account that the December test scores were to be sent to that school. watever though, the college will probably see that im a junior and i sent the score by accident, or something. im not applying for another year or so.</p>