4 years of foreign language?

I was planning on taking Spanish IV this year (I am a high school senior) but it was canceled due to the lack of students signed up for it. Hence, I plan on enrolling in a dual enrollment program at a local college second semester. Will colleges see this? Will this count as 4 years of a foreign language?

Yes to both questions.

Yes, they should see it. Your school counselor should report your courses along with the fact that you will be taking a fourth year of a language at a college. They may also explain it in their letter of rec of you want them to, but I don’t think that’s necessary. If your counselor knows that this is your planned schedule for the year, then that is what they’ll report to colleges. It being a one semester class is okay, and colleges will know that a fourth year language was not offered at your school your senior year, so they will understand.

Yes. Just make sure you take the proper level course at the college. The college’s Spanish department may have placement exams or procedures to help you choose the proper level course since you have Spanish knowledge from other than the college’s own courses.

College courses in foreign languages typically cover material faster than high school courses.