40% Acceptance rate?

<p>I'm confused how they arrive at this rating? If over 20,000 apply and roughly 3,000 attend, does that mean 8,000 are accepted and 5,000 go elsewhere?</p>

<p>I'm no statistician but, that's the implication to me.</p>

<p>That's correct. I don't know what the exact numbers are, but the acceptance rate is determined by the number of people who are offered a spot in the class, whether or not they choose to ultimately attend.</p>

<p>^^ That's exactly what the guy at the informational meeting said when I visited on Saturday.</p>

<p>Actually, the acceptance rate is much lower than that - 33%, and the amount of applications is closer to 30k.</p>

<p>Source: State</a> University of New York at Binghamton - Best Public College Values</p>

<p>About 28,000 apply. Then ~8,000 get in, some choose to go elsewhere, and the incoming class is ~2200. Those are the numbers they gave at my info session, anyway.</p>

<p>I know 3 who were accepted but, chose Stony Brook, Maryland and Quinnipiac instead.</p>

<p>Binghamton is a safety school for many. I that's because its a "financial safety". There are many students who get into their dream school and can't afford it. They have to admit a very large number in order to achieve the attendance they want. Not saying it is easy to get in...it's NOT. When we were at an info session, each current student that was giving tours was asked where they applied and why they chose Binghamton. Of the approximately 15 students, not one had Bing as first choice...they all basically said it was their best affordable choice. Don't get me wrong, they all seemed happy with their decision, but it was a financial one. Many of the tour guides wanted to go on for Masters and did not want to be strapped with huge undergrad loans.... and said so.</p>

<p>I agree, one I know of is going to SBU on a full ride. You'd be hard pressed to find a better school for the money.
We were "awarded" $212.50 in TAP/semester!</p>