#40 harder than #1?

<p>Does the ACT get progressively harder in each section like the SAT? is the last problem of each section harder than the first</p>

<p>i think 4 math
but the other sections seem pretty evenly spread</p>

<p>I could be worng but I thought someone once told me it cycled through during the math scetion, going for easy to hard to easy to hard. I am not sure if that is correct though. I would not worry about it too much.</p>

<p>it really just depends what kind of problems you are best at. if you are good at geometry problems, #60 might be the easiest one for you. the reading passages always go prose fiction, humanities, social sciences, and then science. so for me, the prose fiction was always the hardest. </p>

<p>like i said before, it just depends what you are best at</p>