40 more days........

<p>We started the count down on the calendar yesterday. My wife and I are so ready to be done with High School. So far this year we haven't had to deal with any crisis, we are holding our breath................</p>

<p>Well, before we can release our breath, S has two APs, one college final, one college paper, one high school final exam, one final high school project... They all come bunched together. He has not been able to indulge in senioritis. But no looming crisis (or past crisis either).</p>

<p>Amen, brother. I find May a long month every year, but this year is the longest. I'm just tired of getting up, driving everywhere, etc.
We had a sad case at our HS last week. The girls' lacrosse team was away staying in a hotel. Apparently some drank alcohol and smoked. Now four have been suspended for four days with college acceptances and scholarships up in the air. The girls involved are sweet kids--don't know where this behavior came from. I'm sure they and their parents are wishing they could roll back time.</p>

<p>Four more days. (Our school has that weird track system, so we go off-track and on vacation on April 29th.)</p>

<p>Yey for weird education systems!</p>

<p>No Senioritis here either!! (Much as DS would like to be doing anything but schoolwork right now!) </p>

<p>Our S has 5 AP exams, and all the teachers in those courses are giving their Final Exam before the AP Exams--so this is essentially Finals week for him, with the next 2 weeks being devoted to the APs. Not to be left out, the Linear Algebra teacher is also giving a final (no AP exam for that course, since it's a college course anyway!) </p>

<p>Can't wait for all the testing to be over!</p>