400th Post

<p>Even though I'm not going....I wouldn't have my 400th post go anywhere else!!!!</p>

<p>Hey you posted your 400th post here, and I posted my 4,000th post here. Wierd.</p>

<p>we'll miss you at dartmouth kb54010!! i'm pretty sure i saw you at dimensions... did you get on the 1:15pm bus to manchester?</p>

<p>yep.....were you there ???????</p>

<p>yep. i sat at the back of the bus. i'm not sure if i'm that notice-able, tho. i'm super short (5' 2"; thus the not noticeable part, lol), have long dark hair, tan/dark brown skin, and my face looks pretty ambiguous but most of the time people mistake me for an indian (the south azn kind). mmm, what else, that day i was wearing a baby blue jacket (took it off at some pt), a long-sleeved, striped brown shirt and jeans. lol, too bad i didn't have a beret or anything unique to make me stand out.</p>