45 days till Early Decision

<p>It's all in the title.</p>

<p>Whoa! </p>

<p>25 days until Thanksgiving</p>

<p>55 days until Christmas</p>


<p>wats 35 days from now? Dec 5th? grrr.. stoopid dec 5th, had to ruin it. >(</p>

<p>It's so weird to think that we'll all be hearing back in only 45 days... It seems almost too close for comfort.</p>

<p>it seems so far away for me.</p>

<p>yeah...................................... soooooooooo farrrr awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy</p>

<p>my 18th birthday is december 5th....i think i am going to go out, buy a few packs of cigarettes and take up smoking for the 10 day waiting period.</p>

<p>o.o nooooooo there are better ways to kill time!
like sleeping! (Yea, i plan to spend the last few days off from school sleeping, idk y)</p>

<p>sry ilcapo, didnt mean to demean ur b-day</p>

<p>It's not too close! It's so far away (I've been counting down since the 80s though)</p>

<p>I guess it seems so close to me because I feel a rejection coming and the longer I don't possess the actual letter, the longer I can be in denial.... What I don't know most certainly can't hurt me....</p>

<p>y cant it be rite now :(</p>

<p>I'd rather them take their time with our applications...the idea of them deciding 1500-plus people's futures in the space of 45 days is already a little disconcerting....</p>

<p>it is disconcerting...ish...but i'd rather know now. It has nothing to do with anxiety, put for purely practical reasons. My question to pton is: Should I start jumping around for joy and buying an orange wardrobe? Or should I begin to write the "Why Duke?" essay with real passion? :)</p>

<p>'zactly, gianievve. If I know that Princeton's not going to take me, it's going to be much easier to throw myself into other applications that sort of half-heartedly doing them thinking that I might have a chance at my top-choice school. That's it precisely!</p>

"Why Yale:
Yale has so much to offer...blah, blah....
...oh, and my most important reason for choosing Yale? I didn't get into Princeton."</p>

<p>Guys i really really hope we'll be seeing each other in Sept. next year (in NJ, of course!). The first Coffee @ Frist Center'll be on me<em>winks</em>
hey philntex - where've u been? and what happened to our "really cool new Princeton website"!?! lol. :)</p>

<p>coffee on you? For all 40 (or so) of us? </p>

<p>(I'm banking on us all getting in.)</p>

<p>I think that's what I'd have to put, Kebree ;)</p>

<p>And I've been here, gianievve. Since day one, anyways. And yeah, I feel so jipped by the Princeton tech nerds who still haven't put up the new site yet. WHERE THE BEJESUS IS IT?! I hate to say it, but I'm getting really sick of looking at the current homepage.</p>

<p>Oh, and if we do end up getting in, I'm taking you up on the free coffee, most def. Don't try to back out on it. Nope! I'll hold you to it. I never turn down free coffee. Ever.</p>

<p>lol guys. well, i never back down on promises. So yup, even if i have to work in Forbes Cafeteria for the rest of my 4 years there to pay off the debt of taking 40 crazy CC's for coffee on Day 1, then so be it! :)</p>


<p>I don't think we'll drink that much....if we did, we would most def. become "crazy" (that's if we aren't already)</p>