4th Tier School?

<p>Why do you think US News ranks this university as a 4th tier school?</p>

<p>I don't know. My friend's going and it seems like a really good school!!</p>

<p>It was actually upgraded to Tier 3 the last few years. ODU is in the National University category which is also more competitive. To compare, ODU is currently rated in the same category as other similar Virginia Schools, George Mason and Va. Commonwealth. It is also rated higher than nearby East Carolina in North Carolina which is Tier 4. ODU is best known for its science and technology programs and its competitive Division 1 athletic teams in basketball, soccer, field hockey and football.</p>

<p>I would not worry too much about rankings. If ODU has a good program in your major and you like the college then consider it. They have many excellent majors as was noted.</p>

<p>I'm going to ODU in the fall (whoo!) for Computer Science, with a concentration in Computer Graphics. ODU is a lot like VCU in the way that its major programs are amazing, compeditive and very well known, but everything else kind of falls by the wayside. I love ODU sooo much and couldn't be more excited, but if it isn't really known for what you're looking to major in, I wouldn't suggest it.</p>

<p>I get a similar impression of ODU; a state school that people perceive lags behind one or two dominant sister public institutions. No one would confuse ODU with the University of Virginia, but ODU seems to have chosen to concentrate on the hard sciences, which UVA is not known for. Much of ODU's success appears to come from the graduate side of the fence, particularly in Naval Science, Oceanography and Engineering. They've earned research $$ in those departments. Lately they have paid more attention to undergraduate life. Reinstating football a year or two ago was a step in that direction. As for undergraduate academics, we'll see.</p>