5 APs + 1 DE Class???

Okay I’m finalizing my schedule and this is what I have currently
AP Bio
AP Chem
AP English Lit
AP Spanish
AP Gov
Required Senior Electives
DE Multivariable Calc

Thoughts? I took 4 last year and did good in them (AP Calc BC, AP English Lang, APUSH, AP Physics 1). I also took an online bio class through the college from June-August and I have a pretty strong background in it. My main concern is that it might be too many AP’s, but I’m interested in these classes. I could replace AP Bio with Human Anatomy but I would rather take AP bio.

You said that you took an online biology course at the college level. I would think this would be the equivalent of AP Bio. You may want to discuss with you GC to see if these courses are duplicative. If so, maybe you could take the next bio course offered at the college?

@ChezCurie our GC office is really backed up and last time I talked with them they said it would not be possible in our school schedule to do 2 DE but I think they said it’s a possibility. But do you think that would be manageable with the other classes?

No one here knows you, your abilities, work ethic, time management skills, etc.

This schedule is manageable for some, not for others. You counselor, teachers, and parents would best be able to advise you.

@RichInPitt yes I know that. I was asking to find out how it is based on other people’s experiences with these classes that’s the whole point. It’s never been done at my school and I wanted to hear other people’s opinions. I have a strong work ethic and time management skills and was able to balance those 4 AP classes that I did last year as a varsity soccer, basketball and track athlete while also serving as the Student Body Public Relations Officer for my school’s Student Council and Multicultural Student Club along with other things that I do.


My older daughter could not take this course load - she dropped an AP class due to time constraints.

Her friend who ended up at MIT took a similar course load and was successful.

Some other HS classmates were able to take similar course loads.

Others were not.

Since you took four APs last year and did fine, you have a good idea of what five would be like. I would still caution you about taking AP Bio–why take it when you already have a college level bio course under your belt? (I’d really advise that you make an appointment with your GC.) Also, taking two AP lab sciences in the same year will be time intensive. MV Calc could also be a time sink depending on the instructor–plus, as a DE class, it will be taught at a college pace, not the AP pace. Maybe replace AP Bio with one of the AP CS classes if you school offers them?

@RichInPitt thanks.

@ChezCurie thanks! I talked with my GC in July and they said that the class probably won’t count for credit so I think I’ll probably just take AP Bio. And Multivariable Calc is only twice a week (Tuesday’s and Thursday’s) and assignments will only be due on Tuesday’s. We also have a block schedule and seniors who I’ve talked with said that it was easier to manage the classes in our schedule since my school has a class block dedicated for independent study for all students during the day so they’re able to get a lot done then.

If you took college general biology, then taking AP biology covering the same material looks like grade grubbing. However, if the college course was a “biology for non-majors” course, then it would not be as much of a repeat.

I agree with the others that AP Bio might seems redundant. However, I think the courseload would be manageable. I had a similar schedule, and it went well. It all depends on what kind of student you are, but it seems like you would be good considering your performance last year. Don’t let the supposed level of difficulty of every class scare you from taking what you enjoy.

@ucbalumnus @riverandsasha3 thanks! I really enjoy the topics of these classes (except maybe Literature but the AP teacher also teaches regular and they pretty much are the same thing so why not)! I do feel like it could be a little redundant but the course was an intro to bio course and it’s a more specialized elective before general bio course at the institution and general bio is equivalent to AP Bio so I think it’s fine.