5 down, 1 to go...

<p>At the begining of the season, with Michigan's horribly sub-standard 2005 football season still freshly etched in our minds, most of us knew that we would have a very tough 6 week strech from our visit to then #2 Notre Dame through the Iowa game. One by one, we dispatched our opponents with ease until one was left. I am not fooled one bit by Iowa's loss to Indiana last week. It was clearly a case of an unmotivated Ioaw team looking ahead to its next game...Michigan. This team is going to be fired up and ready. Yes, they are pretty banged up, but never underestimate the intensity of the Iowa vs Michigan rivalry. If we can get past Iowa, there is a very good chance that we will enter the OSU game 11-0 and ranked #2 in the nation (assuming OSU doesn't lose before then either). Of course, Northwestern has given us fits in the last decade, so we should not overlook them. But I am thankful to Indiana for beating Iowa because we will not overlook them. </p>

<p>Anyway, one step at a time. Iowa should be our last tough game until Ohio State, so hopefully, we will come out with a W.</p>

<p>Iowa is definitely a big game. It's parents weekend and my dad is coming over. As a matter of fact, he is an Iowa alum! I think he'll be cheering for Mich, however. Lol.</p>

<p>Indiana's a bigger game than Iowa. IU beat Iowa, and you're playing at Indiana. Ball State and Northwestern at home are jokes.</p>

<p>It's also Homecoming ... with open parties at each frat houses. It's gonna be quite a sight on Game Day morning, as you walk down State Street on your way to the Big House.</p>

<p>All the good restaurants and sports stores are gonna be packed. If your dad wants to buy some souvenirs, he will have to get there early.</p>

<p>A2Wolves, I don't agree. Iowa football is significantly better than Indiana. I do not recall the last time Indiana seriously challenged Michigan. Since 2000, Michigan played Iowa 5 times and Indiana 4 times. We went 3-2 vs Iowa and 4-0 vs Indiana. Michigan's margin of victory over Iowa in that period was -1 compared to +30 vs Indiana. The last time we played at Bloomington, Michigan won 35-14. </p>

<p>What happened to Iowa last week was a mere case of Iowa looking past Indiana and forward to their trip to Ann Arbor. Many a good team have lost that way. Just look at what Vanderbilt did to Georgia last week! </p>

<p>This said, I definitely am glad Indiana beat Iowa because you can be sure Michigan will not overlook Indiana...or any other team for that matter.</p>

<p>You play the games on the field. The better team wins the game. Indiana beat Iowa. They were the better team. You can't disagree with facts. If Iowa was significantly better than Indiana, they would have won. Memorial Stadium isn't an intimidating environment, there isn't much of a home field advantage to work against. </p>

<p>You can't look can't into history to argue points. I mean, you can, it just won't be accurate. Teams change over years. You look at what they have done this year, and make an educated evaluation. 5 years ago, OSU was a 5-loss team lucky to make a New Year's Day Bowl. Should that discredit what they have done this year, and how good they are this year? That's illogical.</p>

<p>Iowa wasn't looking past Indiana. They simply aren't good. Take out the second quarter where Illinois self-destructed, and they lose to Illinois at home. They should have lost to Syracuse in double overtime, but Syracuse didn't want to win it seemed. Iowa State gave them a hard fight at home. They were/are one of the most overrated teams in the country. Their talent has depleted and gone to the NFL from what they had a few years ago. They aren't an elite Big Ten team anymore.</p>

<p>Michigan will definitely overlook Indiana. You're kidding me if you think that the media hyping up a potential #1 #2 Michigan OSU game won't get in these kids' heads. That's a ridiculous thought. But Michigan is good enough to overlook Indiana and still potentially come out with a win. However this is a trap game. Michigan always drops a game they shouldn't to a Big 10 team on the road each year. Last year it was Wisconsin. The year before, at Notre Dame (ok, not Big 10, but they should be in the Big 10). At Iowa in '03. At ND again in '02. At MSU in '01. They are bound for a slip up this year. And Indiana has proven that they can beat a top 13 opponent. Had it not been for some stupid mistakes (2 fumbles in the first half that resulted in Iowa TDs), the game may actually have been more in our favor.</p>

<p>Iowa was a good team in 2003. And Notre Dame and Wisconsin always have serious talent. I am not sure Indiana can compare to those teams in terms of talent and coaching. </p>

<p>You are right when you say we have lost games we should not have lost. We lost to Northwestern a couple of times when we shouldn't have. We also lost to Illinois and MSU when we shouldn't have. I agree that if Michigan overlooks Indiana, we could be in for a long afternoon. But quite frankly, I think this team is very focused. Yes, I am sure they are looking ahead and dreaming a little, but not to the point where they will allow it to affect their play on the field.</p>

<p>So since Indiana lost to Wisconsin by 30 points and we manhandled Wisconsin, what does that mean?</p>

<p>So when Michigan beats IU in basketball, we'll obviously be the better basketball team, right?</p>

So since Indiana lost to Wisconsin by 30 points and we manhandled Wisconsin, what does that mean?

It means you're drawing a logical fallacy.
So when Michigan beats IU in basketball, we'll obviously be the better basketball team, right?

You're a donut short of being a cop.</p>

<p>Better team doesn't always win. Sports are in no way deterministic, there's lots of luck and chance involved. That's why you play the games. I'd hope someone who follows sports as much as you would've caught on to that by now.</p>

<p>"You can't look can't into history to argue points."
"Michigan always drops a game they shouldn't to a Big 10 team on the road each year."</p>


<p>Better team does win. You play the game. If one team plays better than the other, they win the game. They were better. And I thought that Michigan students actually knew things about sports, my goodness the student profile is changing in Ann Arbor.</p>

<p>Well, I see we have:
Iowa 3-3 Michigan, 9:17, Q2.</p>

<p>We win! :D 20-6.</p>

<p>that game wasn't that thrilling...very slow start. But we won :) which is awesome...11-0 going into the shoe. I would do anything to get a ticket to that.</p>

<p>lol @ Lee Corso's comments about Michigan.</p>

<p>"Iowa had no confidence going into the game after losing to Indiana and Michigan was less than impressive. I was expecting something better from the #2 team in the country."</p>

<p>We did better than Texas, Auburn, Notre Dame, and Florida with the #2 seed.</p>

<p>I really don't get it. The line was 13 and we won by 14. Yes, Iowa is banged up and played terribly against Indiana, but it is still the same team the pre-season analysts thought could win the Big 10 title this year.</p>