5 sat (2) subject tests?

<p>If on has the potential to take 5 SAT (2) subject tests and score mmmm lets say /hope above 700 on them then should one take all 5???
ie. Maths (2) , Bio, Chem, Lit,Physics???????? Will it help for freshman year or will the admissions officers think like aughhhhh type of thing????</p>

<p>.....ANYYYYYY input please!!??? :(</p>

<p>well, if you're sure there is enough information memorized in your brain to do all 5 and get 700+, then why not. don't really understand your second question . . . help in what way and what does "aughhh type of thing" mean?</p>

<p>if you have that potential, then you have the potential to get 3 800's. Better time spent focusing on the required 3, then getting 720's on 5 tests.</p>

<p>ok thanx for the input! :)</p>