5 week summer program???

<p>I got my official admission packet by Priority Mail today, and in the letter it was stated that I would have to go to a 5 week summer program. I would have the chance to earn 6 credit hours, but it was mandatory.</p>

<p>Did anyone else get this in their admission packet? And what does it mean? (I'm just trying to understand if this is something everyone must do, or if it is for students they feel might need a boost in adjusting to the academic atmosphere of Wash U [for instance, I come from a public school in inner city chicago...rigorous but not by far as rigorous as Wash U will undoubtedly be])</p>

<p>never heard of it... Doesn't your letter explain what it's all about??</p>

<p>Ya that program is called FSAP (Freshman Summer Academic Program). I'm not sure exactly why, but every year they make the program mandatory for some students. Not to worry though. I did FSAP last summer voluntarily and it was an amazing experience! So, congrats on your admission, and don't worry too much and the mandatory summer program. It's a great opportunity to get acclimated to the WashU campus life and to make a lot of new friends before you arrive in the fall!</p>

<p>I am doing FSAP by choice this summer. If you are accepted as a January scholar it may be required.
Here is the website: Freshman</a> Summer Academic Program | The College | Arts & Sciences
Since it says that space is limited, there is a very slim chance that it could be required for anyone.</p>

<p>I'm a january scholar and it isn't required for me. they highly suggest it but it doesn't say it's mandatory. i would say not to worry about doing the program though. i did the high school version of it last year (HSSP) for rising seniors and i had a blast.</p>