5 years in college looked down upon by grad schools?


<p>I switched my major during my sophomore year to computer science/math from electrical engineering and as a result, I probably need 5 years to graduate. Besides, I also hope to do co-op program to give myself a better perspective on whether I want to enter the industry or grad school. </p>

<p>Would my 5 years in college hurt me grad school application wise?</p>

<p>No, it will not. Just make sure you do well in your 5th year because you don't want to end on a downward slope.</p>

<p>thanks a lot for your response.</p>

<p>but, why a downward slope is bad?</p>

<p>Many engineering programs run 5 years anyway (at least they did in my day), so no problems there.</p>

<p>A down trending GPA makes it look like you're burned out on academics or just not trying for some reason - a good indicator for grad school failure.</p>

<p>The question I guess is what is your "podunk university" ? There is an incredible number of schools that would qualify as podunk with the majority of people on this forum, including any state school it seems.</p>

<p>oscucowboys, I have absolutely no idea on what you are talking about. Please elaborate.</p>

<p>LOL he posted to the wrong thread.</p>

<p>I'd ignore the non sequitur. And state schools are well respected here anyhoo.</p>

<p>I agree that it will not hurt you and between the two fields, your transcript will likely be strong. And a coop will strengthen it as well.</p>

<p>many thanks to all the responses.</p>

<p>Now, I have another concern. I am also thinking about doing an REU during the summer between my senior and super-senior year (since I would have done enough stuff in the industry). Would I be at a disadvantage applying to REUs because of my age (about 22 by then) and/or when I am graduating?</p>

<p>Technically, my status as a computer science bachelor by then will still be junior since I still need to complete the senior level courses to graduate, but in terms of number of years in college, my last year will be my super senior year.</p>

<p>any one can respond?</p>


<p>Nah, I'm in an REU right now and there are a few older students. There's a girl who's between her senior and "supersenior" year as well. Don't sweat it. Good luck!</p>

<p>Hi hippopotassium,</p>

<p>so, would you mind telling what area (Math, Physics, Engineering, etc) are you currently doing your REU in?</p>