500 Protest Some Students' Treatment of American Indians at Dartmouth

<p>Dartmouth College rallies for minority students</p>

<p>"HANOVER, New Hampshire (AP) -- Dartmouth College has been repeatedly roiled in recent weeks over the way some students are treating the very people the school was founded to help: American Indians.</p>

<p>More than 500 students, faculty and administrators rallied in support of the American Indian community on Wednesday, a day after The Dartmouth Review published on its front page a picture of an Indian warrior brandishing a scalp with the headline, "The Natives are Getting Restless!"</p>

<p>"Like an open wound, Dartmouth is hurting -- we have all been insulted," college president James Wright told the crowd gathered before Dartmouth Hall.....</p>

<p>Students said the paper's latest issue, ridiculing Native American students' complaints about a string of incidents seen as racist, was the trigger for the demonstration....</p>

<p>This fall, American Indian students have protested Homecoming T-shirts showing a Holy Cross knight performing a sex act on an American Indian caricature. ....</p>

<p>There also have been accusations that fraternity pledges disrupted a Native American drumming circle on Columbus Day...</p>

<p>Dartmouth, founded in 1769 as a school for American Indians, graduated fewer than 20 American Indians during its first 200 years, the same time its catalog of Indian mascots -- featured on canes, sports uniforms, even songs and art depicting natives lapping rum -- increased.</p>

<p>A renewed mission to recruit American Indian students in the past 30 years has given Dartmouth the largest indigenous student body in the Ivy League, about 160, or 3 percent...."
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<p>This is just sad.</p>

<p>This is *<strong><em>ed up but this is the kinda *</em></strong> white people do.</p>

<p>Oops, I didn’t realize how old this was, sorry about that.</p>

<p>At the admissions information session we attended this summer, the admissions officer who spoke was Native American. He detailed the commitment that Dartmouth has to outreach and support for Native Americans. I think this old thread does not accurately represent the current environment at Dartmouth.</p>