500 word long essay (EA MIT + Caltech)

one of my essays is 850 words long, and i find that it’s impossible to condense them any further (this is down from 1000, and i’m fairly concise). Do they care? Should i cut out stuff at the loss of my essay? it says “Please keep a 500-word limit”, but i know others will go slightly over 500… but i’m way over 500. any advice? ty.

<p>I've rarely read an essay that couldn't be pruned. Many have details that seem necessary to the writer, but not to the reader. I'd have someone read with a highlighter, going over lines or phrases that don't add to theme or knowledge about you. I truly think the best essays begin about 1000 words, and then are cut in half. good luck</p>

<p>You'll have to find a way to trim it down to at least 550 or so.</p>