580 in critical reading!?

<p>710 in math, 610 in writing, and 580 in Cr...</p>

<p>i think i can get at least a 2000 if i dont skip any next time...but how can i get my reading score up? are vocab cards my best bet?</p>

are vocab cards my best bet?


<p>No. Besides flashcards being an extremely ineffective method for memorizing vocabulary, remember that vocabulary only accounts for 18 out of the 67 reading questions. I suggest you peruse this board for advice on the passages, because this is about the one millionth "how can I improve my CR" thread.</p>

<p>Read a variety of literature and magazines. I recommend that you buy a workbook that specializes in CR.</p>

<p>I recommend reading hard literature, and learning every word from the blue book and Barrons. </p>

<p>Vocabulary flashcards are a good idea in my opinion, since you really need them to solve the Sentence Completion problems (unless of course, you're a walking dictionary to begin with).</p>

<p>Yeah, I don't understand how flashcards are ineffective. 18 out of 67 are sentence completions? That's still a large chunk, and questions requiring a good vocabulary appear for the passages, too.</p>

<p>Yes, 18 questions is quite a few questions, regardless of it's size compared to the rest. If you get few out of 18 correct, you're screwed. </p>

<p>It may seem like a hassle studying hundreds of vocab cards for only 18 or so questions, but it is certainly worth if it you are shaky in that area. </p>

<p>As for the rest of CR, practice with multiple study books. Whenever you are unsure about a question or get one wrong, be sure you read the answer explanation until you understand.</p>