5yr Arch programs

Univ of Miami(FLA) vs Auburn. Anyone have opinion on which would be better choice? Thanks

@Helimomma, Two good choices! The BArch curriculum is much the same anywhere but these two schools have a somewhat different environment and focus. Not to say that one is better than the other; just different, and personal preference will be an important deciding factor.

U of Miami is known for its emphasis on urban architecture. In the past 10 years or so it has developed a reputation for young, hip urban culture, reflecting its central Miami location.

Auburn has long been a leader in sustainability, environmentalism, a forerunner in the use of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly structural processes. As they say in their website: “Auburn is a small, friendly university town in the rolling hills of east central Alabama.”

Cost may be another factor to consider. My understanding is that Miami has been very generous in recruiting high achievers with substantial scholarships. Your student might also look at other majors available at the university, just in case architecture doesn’t work out.

Is s/he waiting decisions from other schools as well?

Thanks for the info. UMIA gave her signif scholarship and Auburn just a fraction. She is wait listed at Va Tech and Cal Poly and waiting to hear from Syracuse and Tulane. Thanks

My vote is for UMiami, although I don’t know much about Auburn. My daughter is a junior at UM in the Business school, and she loves it. There are so many businesses moving to Miami from NYC and Silicon Valley, that the city is really going to be full of opportunity to them upon graduation…and the real estate/architecture is off the charts. Plenty of opportunity there. My son is deciding between UM, Tulane and Ga Tech…and last decision to come is tomorrow USC. We’re on the east coast, though, and I’m happy he seems less interested in the west coast lately.

Great choices all in all. My D chose between Northeastern, Calpoly, Syracuse and Tulane… similar options. We live in coastal CA so she actually ended up northeastern to have a change of pace and environment as calpoly/SLO is very similar to where we live. She loves being in the city! Syracuse and Tulane have great programs but you need to want to live in the very cold or NOLA. my D loved tulane’s program but in the end could not see herself living in NOLA. Great programs at each school though. I wonder in VA Tech is more tech focused. We visited RPI which was a fascinating program but seemed much more focused on the technologies and materials used than a design focus. Need to look at the focus of each program. I am not familiar with auburn or UM… but it sounds like you have great options!