6 AP Classes?

<p>Hi. I'm trying to decide what to take next year as a Junior I'm thinking:</p>

<p>AP Calculus BC
AP Physics B
AP Lang
AP US History
AP Chemistry
AP Spanish
Advanced Composition/Writing Center</p>

<p>Is it too much? I also am in Model UN, Debate, and 3 or 4 honor societies. Plus I volunteer at a hospital for three hours a week. Will I be able to handle it?</p>

<p>P.s. I am taking 2 APs this year and in general I take all honors/AP and I get all As. I want to go to a good school (my top schools are Wash U St. Louis, Brown, and Northwestern)</p>

<p>Depends on your school; do you have any older friends who've taken those classes who can make recommendations to you? (For instance, at mine AP Chemistry would probably kill you dead, although you might get lucky on the teacher, but there wasn't a single AP Lang teacher whose class was more difficult than honors English. Some were a lot easier.) The AP sticker by itself won't necessarily make that much of a difference.</p>

<p>My school doesnt have the most driven students. Its a rarity for one to take 5 aps, let alone 6.</p>

<p>That would be literally impossible at my school. You would have 15 hours of homework every night. That said, your school might be different. The place to ask that question is at school, not here.</p>

<p>If these were true AP (to mean college level equivalent) classes most Caltech freshmen would be overwhelmed.</p>

<p>Depends on your school, me and a few friends are taking 6 AP ech, maybe 1hr of homework a night on average for them. But our school is a joke.</p>

<p>that schedule isn't bad... if the classes are easy at tour school, go for it, if they are hard, then don't. however, if you want a big challenge, then take them..</p>

<p>At my D's high school, the kids in the top 10-20% would take 5-7 APs Junior and Senior Year. It was just the "norm" for that High School. Every HS is different. What did your GC say? If they sign off on it and you think you can handle the load, that is all that matters. With that said, it was not unusual for my D to put in 4-8 hours of hw per night. And at least that much per day on the weekend. I guess it all matters what you want. She was also in a competitive marching band, model UN and honor societies, so it is possible. But if you do this, expect a couple of "all nighters" if you want to maintain a strong GPA and be successful on the AP exams. And a note about AP exams...study as you go along with a subject testing book. It will make you life so much easier in the end.</p>

<p>bump please</p>

<p>Tommy, you don't need to have the most driven students at your high school to figure out from other people's opinions whether it'll be doable: you need to find people in each of them (even if that was the only AP they took!) and ask their opinion. Get enough such opinions and you should be able to figure it out. Or ask your guidance counselor.</p>