6 days left to study. Need advice.

<p>retaking for the last time... ugh... already over the "unspeakable" limit
will send if its better. Just something to rely on.</p>

<p>have 2090 currently
730 math
640 CR
720 WR 5 wrong /11essay</p>

<p>need tips on writing. How can i get this down to 0? and what kind of essay to write****(need help on this alot)? last time i got lucky and hit an awesome topic... before i was getting 8's.</p>

<p>CR... ugh started some huge list. 1000 words left. Going to try to do 700 today... haha. My passage reading is what needs work. Have been getting 10 wrong on SAT's... </p>

<p>Math I just need to concentrate. inane errors. </p>

<p>What kind of advice can you offer me.</p>

<p>Relax. Seems like you're freakin out. Just read a little novel and some newspapers to help out your reading score. And go with a smaller word list or focus on word roots. You'll remember a lot more.</p>