6 on the SAT Essay (Otherwise Good)

<p>I checked the College Board website to see what my January SAT scores were:</p>

<p>CR: 720
Math: 800
Writing: 710
Essay: 6</p>

<p>I was feeling confident until I noticed the essay score. This is the third time I've taken the SAT, and I can't seem to break a 7 on the essay. I run out of time every time. Should I be worried? In general how heavily do colleges consider your essay subscore?</p>

<p>I have a similar question.</p>

<p>I recieved my June 2011 scores and my essay subscore concerns me. My scores were,</p>

<p>620 Reading
710 Math
610 Writing
-66 M.C.
-06 Essay</p>

<p>I took the SAT in May as well and recieved a 570 on the writing (07 on the essay and 60 M.C.). Even though I did better overall, I’m curious to know roughly how much my low essay subscore in June lowered my writing score. I was hoping to get a 09 or a 10.</p>

<p>Any help would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Since the thread has been revived, I got</p>

<p>CR 800
M 780
W 740 (MC 77 E 8)</p>

<p>I passed the point where I would want to retake the SAT, but my essay score isn’t very good. So I have the same question as op. How much weight do colleges put on the essay subscore?</p>

<p>I recall it being somewhere in the range of 1/3 of Writing section. Don’t quote me</p>

<p>JTHUNTER, on a previously administered test, with a MC score of 66, your Writing score would have been 720 with a perfect essay, 690 with a 10, and 650 with an 8.</p>

<p>LAMBDA3E, on that same test, with a MC score of 77, your Writing score would have been 800 with a 12, and 780 with a 10.</p>

<p>I got an 800 on writing but got a 79 MC and a 10 Essay. Will colleges view this differently from a 80 MC/12 Essay? Or will they just not care?</p>

<p>Do you know if colleges will care that much if I didn’t do well on the essay, or do they care more about the total writing score?</p>

<p>WRITING: 780
ESSAY: 10</p>

<p>Here are my scores. If you really want to improve your essay score use this thread</p>

<p><a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/sat-preparation/645763-how-write-12-essay-just-10-days.html[/url]”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/sat-preparation/645763-how-write-12-essay-just-10-days.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>I as well had a 77 writing score in June but only a 6 essay. Guessing a satire wasn’t the way to go after all but still, they should’ve seen it.</p>

<p>Never broken an 8 even though all my practice essays were rated at 5.</p>

<p>I got a 36 on the ACT and a 7 essay. Should I just ride on my AP English Language score(probably a 5 maybe a 4) and some good entrance essays?</p>

<p>Colleges, especially the Ivies, do NOT really look at your writing score in general. As long as your math and critical reading are above 1400, which they are, you are in a great position.</p>

<p>^ Wolf2400 is talking a load of BS…any college who requires the writing score considers it just as much as the other two sections. </p>

<p>Its simple as this: If a college doesn’t look at writing, they don’t consider it
If a college requires writing, it considers it.</p>