6 Years PharmD - U of AZ, U of OK, U of Toledo, or U of RI


I am a high school senior. So far I’ve been accepted to the following 6 years PharmD Programs: (Still waiting on Rutgers). I lean towards U of AZ since it is a Tier 1 in research just in case I want to do dual PharmD/Ph.D. I also like Toledo the fact the school award PharmD students a Bachelor Degree at the end of their PY2. I appreciate any input in this decision making.

The U of Toledo 0-6 Contingent Program
U of RI 0-6 Program
The U of AZ Early Acceptance Program
The U of OK Early Acceptance Program

Least expensive (after merit scholarships)

  1. Toledo
  2. AZ
  3. OK
  4. RI

Pharmacy schools ranking and they all have acceptable NAPLEX pass rate
AZ (rank 20)
OK (rank 31)
RI (rank 51 I think)
Toledo (rank 57)