620 for verbal...i know it's too low for Stanford; but..

<p>Hi, I'm a female international student...
it has been a little more than 3 years since I came here..(US Citizen, though)</p>

<p>I'm going to send my application(with rec and school report) around Nov. 20..
But the problem is..
I took SAT this october and got 620 for verbal..(I KNOW it's too low for stanford...)
I want to retake SAT I this December
I hope I can get over 650+..</p>

<p>well...I got 5 on Cal BC as a sophomore, but I'm an Asian...
so I don't think it's a big advantage to me..
the problem is...for SAT I math..i got 700 this oct...
so what would they think of my math score?
would it REALLY hurt my chance...?</p>

<p>if they get my application early, would they evaluate me based on that 620?
or do they wait till they get my Dec score?</p>

<p>will i have any chance with that score, btw??
(My SAT II writing score will probably be 600...maximum...)</p>

<p>I would REALLY appreciate ur answers!! Thanks!</p>