65 or 75 ???

<p>I used the median() function on my Ti-89 titanium and got 65 as the the lowest possible number.</p>

<p>median({90,90,85,85,65}) = 85</p>

<p>so I guess there's no such thing as unique median, anyone else has a different solution ?</p>

<p>i got 65... i didnt even think this was a debatable question</p>

<p>Naah. This wasn't debatable. Even though they stated that 85 was the median, there was nothing that prevented another 85 being on top of it. ;)</p>

<p>I concur...Def. 65...or else I am screwed and can kiss that 760-780 M score goodbye :(</p>

<p>i think i got 66? reading all these posts makes me feel that im dumb</p>

<p>it's definitely 65</p>

<p>perkydesi, i got 66 too. but i know its wrong now.</p>

<p>ha! i got 75, then i realized my mistake, but unfortunetely, the stupid timer went out, so i didn't get to change it to 65......</p>

<p>i think this is the only grid in i missed (hopefullly)</p>