650 in Latin (SAT II), 100% reject?

<p>Hi there,
I took this month's SAT II and well, what I got was 780 in French (which seems okay) and 650 in Latin which I wonder about. </p>

<p>Will they even consider me with this Latin score? 650 is 40 above average, and I also have to point out that I didn't have any Latin lesson for 2 years...but still above average. </p>

<p>By the way, I'm a German, biracial international of Polish and Congolese descent. Will that fact act in favor of me? I was just wondering.</p>

<p>TY for answers...</p>

<p>PS: I can't take any more subject tests, it's not an option any more - this was my last chance...</p>

<p>Send it. My subject test scores were 630, 640, and 720 and I just got in. Write some damn good essays and you will be fine. :)</p>

<p>Well, if those are your only two, it doesn't sound like you have a choice. I doubt it will be the one factor that keeps you out.</p>