7.05 or 5.07?

<p>Hello, Friends. I was wondering if any current students or alums could advise me on whether I should take 7.05 this term or 5.07 in the fall. What are the differences between the two?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>I took 7.05, though I'm not really the one to ask, since I had to grit my teeth through all of my course 5 classes. My understanding was that 5.07 required a lot more in the way of memorization and nitty-gritty mechanisms than 7.05, although formula sheets are allowed in exams for both courses.</p>

<p>Wonderful! I haven't been very enthusiastic about my course 5 classes either. Two of my friends agree that 5.07 is harder and goes deeper than 7.05, though one other friend says that 5.07 requires less memorization. I think I'll just go ahead and take 7.05 this term. Thank you!</p>