7 Year optometry Program

<p>*i have a few questions that i can't seem to find answers to on the TCNJ site:</p>

<p>1)if you are considering the program, MUST you state this on the Supplement under primary areas of study? Or can you declare this once you are at TCNJ (much like the 5-yr. programs)
2)if you do not get accepted to the program, are you rejected from TCNJ?
3)If you get into the program but decide it's not for you, can you opt out?</p>

<p>I'm not in the optometry program but I'll give this a shot.</p>

<li>Yes, you state this under what you want to study on the supplement, not once you're in TCNJ.</li>
<li>No, you can still get accepted to TCNJ without being accepted to the optometry program.</li>
<li>Yes, you can opt out if you change your mind, but you'll probably have to stay for an extra year.</li>

<p>I'm pretty sure you have to specifically apply for the 7 year programs because they are rather competitive. I think I remember being told during a tour that those applicants had to go through an interview process, but don't quote me on that.</p>