730 Writing SAT2 for Wharton

<p>is it too low? i knoww there are so many other elements but just in this one thing...would they maybe look down upon it?</p>


<p>wtf? why would they? man im taking writing sat2 this weekend i just hope i can get above a freaking 700...damn ittt...</p>

<p>yea but it issss wharton where soo many ppl have an 800. anyone else have an opinion?... don't worry Anu you'lll do fine! :-) which school are u applying to</p>

<p>meh. i have 730 too. i need input. but i'm applying SEAS</p>

<p>im applying to wharton</p>

<p>i think you are fine....honestly, there is no diff between a 730 and an 800 IMO....the SAT II for writing was the only test i took twice....first time: 740....second time, i studied for about an hour and a half: 800.....im still the same person, and my writing style/grammar skillz dont change significantly with 1.5 hrs of studying....so, go figure....i strongly doubt that one relatively mediocre (for wharton) and by no means poor factor would matter majorly....UNLESS all your test scores are lower than the wharton averages, you should be ok....what do your other test scores look like?</p>

<p>I know this isn't my thread, sorry I am going to invade it for one tiny question. I suck at writing, honestly, I came to the US when I was almost 10 years old, do you guys think this will excuse the low writing score I am expecting to get? I have gotten a 4 in AP Eng and Comp, and a 730 verbal...I just can't nail the grammar!!! BLAH! Help plz.</p>

<p>flameball..jus practice! don't "expect" to get a low score because you can get a good one with a little prep, and with a 730 verbal u seem very capable. I'm sure they'll take you're non-native status into some consideration tho</p>

<p>my cousin got into Penn(college) with 500 writting, 600 in physics, 770 in math 1</p>

<p>err. is he legacy? or what was his catch??</p>

his stats ..
1330 SAT
3 AP courses total
ranked 2 out of 225 students in a catholic school
PHILADELPHIA ..maybe that's the catch</p>