740 Chem SATII for Engineer at MIT etc.?

<p>I just got back my Chem SATII and got a 740. I had a bad test day so I was expecting worse, but I'm still not totally happy with that score.</p>

<p>If I'm applying to top engineering schools -- like, for example, MIT -- is 740 good enough? My other test scores are 2370 Reasoning (1570 M/CR), 800 Lit, 800 US History, 790 Math II. I'm afraid that the schools which require a science SATII won't be happy with the 740.</p>

<p>I don't really want to re-take but just in case I have a registration in November...</p>

<p>If you’re already registered for Chem in November, I think you should just take it. You might as well try to improve your score and your chances. If you end up not taking it again, I really don’t think that the 740 would be the dealbreaker for MIT’s decision. It’s a strong score, but higher scores would obviously be better (though probably by a pretty small amount)</p>

<p>MIT sets thresholds on top scores, so the difference between a 740 and anything higher is practically negligible. Don’t worry about it unless you’ve already signed up for november.</p>