740 CR to 800

<p>Yeah, so maybe I'm going to get alot of flames for this :), but I was wondering how I should go about doing this? (Taking in Oct)</p>

<p>Right now is there anything I should really be doing (atm I'm just taking tons of tests)?</p>

<p>Please don't consider this a flame, but an honest piece of advice: 740 is good enough for any school, and far above the average for most. Chill out and worry about other things. If you're good enough to get a 740, you're probably good enough to get an 800 by chance without any additional practice (or to get a 680), but honestly, the extra 60 points will not make a difference. Focus on other, more important things (spending time with your friends, studying, extracurricular activities, learning how to cook, whatever).</p>

<p>I left a pretty huge post about "the secrets" to getting an 800 in CR (I did my first time with no prep) on another thread a few weeks ago. If you click 'search' and type in my username, j07, then a bunch of things will come up and the advice is on the aptly-named How to Get an 800 in CR or something like that.</p>

<p>By the way, while 60 points may not make a HUGE difference, go ahead and go for it. I'm trying to raise my 2250 composite to 2320+ which I know won't make a gigantic difference, but there's no harm in trying right. If you can't find the thread I'm talking about, just PM me and I'll send it to you.</p>

<p>ILoveBrown, thanks for the advice. Normally I would not even think about retaking a 740, but I'm also retaking for my writing score, and I was kind of hoping to bump up my composite even more while I was doing that.</p>

<p>Found the thread jo7 :). </p>

<p>Thanks a bunch guys.</p>

<p>Edit: jo7, I read you also got an 800 on writing, would you mind reposting that? Can't seem to find it. :(. Thanks.</p>

<p>"learn how to cook" ftw</p>