.8 or .9?

<p>For the MathIIC probabilty question was the answer .8 or .9?</p>

<p>Explain. We need a consensus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>.9 is the clear choice, there are about four explanations in the official thread. Try reading them.</p>


<p>10X10 grid.</p>

<p>First upperleft 10 sums (1+1,1+2,1+3,1+4,2+3,2+2,and their reverses) are less than or equal to 5. The rest of the sums in the grid (90 left) are greater than 5. Question asked for sums greater than 5. (90 sums greater than 5)/100 total sums = .90 probability of getting a sum greater than 5.</p>

<p>how is it 10X 10
isnt it 9X9
1-1 to 1-9 that means 9 column
9-1 to 9-9 which is 9 rows also</p>

<p>What was the question?</p>

<p>.9 is definitely right. I drew all the answers in a square</p>

<p>Its 1 to 10 inclusive. 10 X 10 grid. Listen to sucharita - if you actually do all the sums you get 10 less than or equal to 5 and 90 greater than 5. Probability = .90</p>

<p>.9 all the way (my last hope for a 700+) :)</p>