800,000th Cornell Chance Thread

<p>Okay, quick recap of myself.</p>

<p>-3.85 unweighted/4.45 weighted GPA
-Probably around 10th percentile class rank, even with that GPA (VERY competitive IB school)
-770 SAT Reading, 730 Math (Cornell doesn't take writing scores). I only took SAT once.
-31 on ACT, not submitting as I'm happy with my SAT scores
-3 year varsity runner on track/cross country teams, we are one of the top teams in the state and this year I should be the team's #1 guy (Probably ~15:50 5k)
-Student Government Representative, all four years
-Copy Editor of School Newspaper before it was cut after my sophomore year
-Interned on National Congressional Campaign
-Vice President of Interact Club
-Member of NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Honor Society, etc.
-Member of school jazz band for two years before quitting. Still play with local jazz band of mostly older people, as well garage band. I also placed Third Runner up in our school's Mr. and Ms. _____ contest thanks to my playing.
-5's on European History, World History, US History, Environmental Science, English Lit, and Macroeconomics; 4 on Microeconomics
-In IB Programme but take AP tests with slight self-study
-Schedule for this year:
HL Spanish 5 (AP Spanish Language)
HL English (AP English Language)
HL Music
HL History of the Americas (Like APUSH on steroids)
AP US Government/AP Comparative Government
IB Theory of Knowledge (Required for diploma, but won't get any credit. It is a weighted class though)
SL Statistics (Maybe take AP Stat test?)</p>

<p>Anyways, I am considering applying to Cornell as a reach and would love to know if you think I have a prayer of admission.</p>

<p>-I also participated in this county-wide "Tomorrow's Leaders" programme during the year
-Active volunteer with my church youth group, ran soundboard during services, etc
-720 on English Lit and 770 on US History for SAT II</p>

<p>I don't think it is necessarily even a reach.</p>

<p>You can indeed get in there. Your stats are pretty good.</p>

<p>However, the acceptance rate is so low that there are many people with similar credentials such as yours.</p>

<p>It becomes a crapshoot.</p>