800 on Lit Subject Test, 690 on CR....Help!

<p>I don't understand how I can get a perfect score on one and a 690 on the other. I knew most of the vocab words on the test (I might have missed 3 max) so what else should I work on to increase my score? Are there strategies that work for the lit test that don't work for CR, or vice versa? My goal is 750+ in October.</p>

<p>Vocab should be gimmies if you're serious about scoring high...</p>

<p>No offense but you might have gotten lucky on the Lit. Or really unlucky on the CR.
Lit is WAY harder than CR. If you got the scores vice-versa it would have been normal.
Idk about strategies. -3 won't drop you to a 690.</p>

<p>What was the time difference apart?</p>

<p>I took the lit test in May of this year, and the SAT I test a month later.I don't know exactly how many questions I missed, the full score report hasn't been released yet. But after looking at the CR forums I realized I missed about 3 (vocab questions)</p>

<p>I'm not sure about the actual passage based questions though, but it seemed easy. I'm just a little annoyed/ confused at the moment...</p>

<p>Maybe you had an off day?</p>

<p>yeah you may have had an off day as your CR score is actually very low, i would strongly suggest you take it again....i don't think colleges would like to see that score. but good job on Lit!!!!</p>

<p>yea....i'm pretty much forced to take it again in october....and thanks</p>

<p>ehh whatever I got a 720 on CR, a 36 on ACT English and a 35 on ACT Reading after I took the ACT for the first time in October. I'm happy :)</p>


<p>Wow what a difference! It looks like the ACT is the test for you :o</p>