800 on Physics?

<p>I got an 800 on the physics SAT II and was wondering if it is hard to get an 800 on this subject test because many people say it is. Unfortunately, I only got 720 on math II but am looking to get an 800 on the October test.</p>

<p>I believe about 10% of test-takers get 800.</p>

<p>^yup. an 800 is considered 90th percentile while 790 is 88th</p>

<p>wouldn't it be 99th percentile?</p>

wouldn't it be 99th percentile?


<p>No. Why would you think that?</p>

<p>Even though 800 is a perfect score on the physics exam, so many test-takers receive that score, so a perfect score isn't 99th percentile.</p>

<p>For a test that has fewer 800's (like Math I), an 800 is 99th percentile (or 99+th percentile).</p>