800 on SAT II Biology

<p>I really need an 800 on my Bio SAT II...
So I'm not asking for basic study tips here. Anyone who has gotten an 800, how exactly did you study???</p>

<p>I got a 710 in 9th grade right after my school's biology course... And I did study; not like crazily study. And I'm a science person (more like I'm a bio person lol) so I was extremely disappointed in my score. I'm now taking AP Bio and am taking the May SAT II as I'm studying for my AP's. I just took a practice test and got a ... 730, which is still not good enough for me. I skipped a whole section on the endocrine glands b/c I hadn't crammed those hormone stuff in... but still... that wouldn't bring me up to a 800...</p>

<p>ANY TIPS??? I just really need an 800 loll
And the curve is not lenient...</p>

<p>My advice? Study the endocrine glands section! Biology is pure memorization with minimal, if any, application. The more relevant information that you know, the higher you will score. I was an absolutely awful biology student when I took the class because I never studied for tests, but I still managed a high score with some extra memorization (I suggest PR)</p>

<p>aahhhh i need one too!!</p>

<p>I'm taking it in June....scary...-__-</p>

<p>Last June they pulled some stuff straight out of Princeton, even the lab procedure stuff. So yeah, study Princeton :D</p>

<p>hey can anyone suggest me how can i download practice papers from net…