8pi or 15pi? vote now!

<p>So what do you'll think? Just say 8pi or 15 pi....please only people that took SAT saturday! Just vote...dont make your argument!</p>


<p>15 pi all the way!</p>

<p>15 pi obviously</p>

<p>15 pi, of course!</p>

<p>i am for 15 pi also!</p>

<p>Another vote for 15pi!</p>

<p>(any 8pi-ers out there?)</p>

<p>maybe they finally realized their fault...</p>

<p>[them's fightin' words]</p>

<p>15pi, but this seems like a luck problem... in that case 15pi will be wrong :(</p>

<p>Hmm, perhaps, anastasia. Muahaha. Actually, either way, the question was worded rather poorly (in my opinion, at least). I recall my inner dialogue going something like, "... Whaaat? Aw, crap."</p>

<p>15 pi or else i'm royally screwed</p>

<p>15 pi. Though this was a badly worded question, 15 pi is still the obvious answer</p>

<p>15 pi... ok i have to lengthen this cause it says 15 pi is too short</p>

<p>15 pi is the answer i say</p>

<p>15pi! duh.........</p>

<p>15 15 15 15 15 1 51 51 51 51 5 15 1 51 51 pl zpl zplp thats 15 i was typing rather fast... har har</p>

<p>15 because:</p>

<p>If it were less complicated, the area of the square could potentially be zero by the 8 pi-ers philosophy. </p>


<p>Because if it's not 15 pi, I'll be sad.</p>

<p>15pi because that's what I put</p>

<p>15 pi obviously</p>

<p>Wow, it seems unanimous that the answer is 15 pi. What happened to those ardent defenders of 8 pi?</p>

<p>15pi for me too. This unanimity is a little odd...</p>