9/11 shows

I’m watching a Tv show about survivors from 9/11, including helping staff. It is bringing back just so many memories. Tearing up. Anyone else?

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Absolutely brutal!! I lived it in close proximity and it is just very hard!!


I lost two friends that day and my husband is a survivor. He worked in the WTC and got there on one of the last PATH trains to pull in (saw police running out and followed them out). It still feels very raw, like it was only yesterday. We both limit the amount of stuff about it that we watch. My husband couldn’t watch any of the documentaries about it for several years. I have been avoiding the extra press this year. I will attend the local memorial service tomorrow morning that I go to every year. It doesn’t get easier with time, but it is cathartic to me to be there with my friends.


I watch the 9/11 shows every year and definitely tear up. The enormity of it overwhelms me each time; the anger and the sadness for all those horrifically murdered and the immense destruction and then the flood of gratitude for all those first responders that braved that hellscape.

Boston Globe ran an interesting article earlier in the week comparing the 20th anniversary of Pearl Harbor to that of 9/11. December 7, 1961 was very low key in terms of observances. The point was made is that is was clear the nation had come together and begun to heal, and move on. For 9/11, we are even more divided than we were on that day. By 1961, hatred of the Japanese was nothing like the hatred of Islam demonstrated by some groups today.

Interesting article.

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I’m sure I’m out alone watching 60 Minutes. I am so moved tears such brave people

Turned on 60 Minutes to see what was on tonight, saw it was 9/11 and turned it off. The enormity of it is still just too much for me.