9-12 grades transcripts upload sections

Hi, My student is an international student. He had two different schools. One was for 1-10 grades, and another one was for 11-12 grades.
Does he have to invite counselors from both schools? I am his latest school’s counselor.

In our country, we have two education board exams. These are public exams. All students have to pass these exams to advance. One is the final exam of 10th grade, which is called
Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam.

Another is the final exam of 12th grade, which is called Higher School Certificate (HSC) exam.
Where do I have to upload transcripts of 9-12 grades semesters, and transcripts of SSC & HSC exactly?

As I am his 11-12 grades counselor, should I use his 11-12 grades graduation dates?


Is not their any counselor or admission officer to clarify?