90+90+x+x+y controversy is finally over

<p>Okay, I know this has been beaten to death already, but just hear me out.</p>

median: 85
mean: 83
Find the lowest possible value of x.</p>

<p>We all seem to agree that one variable must be 85.</p>

<p>One of the two numbers must be 85, we all seem to agree on that.</p>

<p>If we say the single number is 85, we have a set of 90,90,x,x,85</p>

<p>(90+90+x+x+85)/5 = 83
(265+2x)/5 = 83
265+2x = 415
2x = 150
x = 75</p>

<p>Let's say that the double number is 85, giving a set of 90,90,85,85,y</p>

<p>(90+90+85+85+y)/5 = 83
(350+y)/5 = 83
350+y = 415

<p>The reason there was a controversy is because of the variable names... It took me a while to realize it as well. 65 may be smaller than 75... but your x isn't 65. Your x is 85.</p>

<p>why couldnt you just post this on the 65 or 85 thread..its sad a single problem needs its own thread, 2 thread on a single question is just pathetic</p>

<p>I didn't notice that there was another post about it. My bad. Not that it really matters either way.</p>

<p>Is the question ask the least value of x or the least value in the set, anyone here remember it?</p>

<p>it asked for the lowest possible value in the set, not x.</p>

<p>Controversy? What Controversy?</p>

<p>The answer is 65. I misread the question and put 75. Oh well. There goes 800 Math.</p>

<p>Apparently This Controversy Is Not Over Yet! I'm Praying That It's Asking For The Lowest X Value Because That Was What I Got, 75. I Did Exactly What You Did With The Algebraic Equation Solving For X. Please, Oh Please, Let It Be 75 Or Else There Goes My 800!</p>

<p>It didn't ask for the "Lowest X Value"...it asked for the "lowest value".</p>

<p>yep. flameball is right. i put 75 too, but i messed up. </p>

<p>THE ANSWER IS 65!!!</p>

<p>Damn hypoxia, you were SO adamant about 75 before. Keep an open mind.</p>