90+ Credits/3.5~GPA Aerospace Engineering Transfer Options for Upcoming Spring/Fall Semester?

Hello, I am a current Electrical Engineering Technology Major at a 4 yr college in the U.S. and am looking to transfer to another University with a decent Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Program.

My issue unfortunately, is that my GPA is rather mediocre and my lack of any significant extracurricular activities, though I do have a recommendation letter or two I can get from my professors for some of the higher level math classes.

What are some realistic college options that I can apply to this upcoming Spring/Fall assuming I have taken the following basic engineering classes and that my GPA will remain relatively the same.

-Intro to Engineering (MATLAB)

-Calc I/II/III

-Differential Equations

-Physics 1 Calc Based *(With 2 Non-Calc based Physics classes under my belt already)

-Phys 2 Calc Based (If applying for Fall 2021)

-Chemistry I (If applying for Fall 2021)

Some of the colleges I’ve looked at so far are the colleges on the U.S. News Ranking and some others like Embry-Riddle etc. so I have a general idea of what colleges to expect, but I’d like to hear personal suggestions you all have here.

Tuition is generally also not an issue, as every potential college I’ve seen so far costs pretty much the same after running it through a net cost calculator.

Thank you for any and all help in advance!

I gather that this major is not available where you currently are studying.

Truly, there aren’t that many places that offer that specific major. Start with the list of ABET accredited programs, and check their websites for information about transfer requirements: https://amspub.abet.org/aps/name-search?searchType=program&keyword=aerospace%20engineering

You guessed right. I’ll look into your suggestion then.