900 on SAT

<p>Where can someone with a 4.0 and 900 total on first SAT in junior year hope to go to college in California.</p>

<p>One of the CSUs. A private like UOP.</p>

<p>If you are still a junior, you have plenty of time to raise your SAT score. I'm not really qualified to say where you can get in, but I do know that the list of potential colleges will grow if you get that score up, which is very doable.</p>

<p>are you still a junior? If you're good at grammar, I suggest you take the new SAT in March. I would also take the ACT, which is very non-SAT format and problems like. Many of my friends do HORRIBLE on SAT I and great on the ACT. Don't despair. Always remmeber that since you are a Cal resident, you're already on the upperhand for non-resident applicants who apply for CAL universities</p>

<p>UCRiverside would probably take you because of your GPA.</p>