91% from the State of Texas

<p>Fiske Guide 2011 says that 91% of the students are from Texas. That surprises me. I know that Texas is a big state and there are a lot of applicants each year but you’d think that there would me geographical diversity than that in a LAC that is so well liked.</p>

<p>Any ideas?</p>

<p>I'm surprised it's that high, too. Here's the best explanation I have for that:</p>

<p>Texas is a big state, and essentially has only three LAC's: Austin, Southwestern, and Trinity. Trinity is a little different because it's bigger (2700 students) and urban (San Antonio), so it has a very different feel to it. For students looking for a "traditional" LAC in Texas, it's really Southwestern or Austin. According to Southwestern's web site, their student body is 88% Texan. Clearly the state is severely underserved in terms of LAC's compared to other parts of the country (midwest and northeast, most notably).</p>

<p>Both AC and Southwestern promote their study abroad programs, and they both echo what we were told at Hendrix (where 47% are from Arkansas): this is a small place with a very long reach, and you can get direct or indirect experience of places around the world from here. Our student alumna guide at Southwestern (who was actually from the east coast) is now in Africa teaching in Namibia. AC has the highest percentage of students participating in study abroad of all the colleges we've looked at.</p>

<p>Very good explanation. Thanks.</p>

<p>D is also considering Southwestern and Hendrix.</p>