99th percentile 780?

<p>Why is 99th percentile a 780? If that's the case, 780 and 800 would both be 99th percentile. Thank you to anyone who can give me some clarification.</p>

<p>780 is REALLY close to 800.</p>

<p>760 is 99th percentile...</p>

<p>Percentiles are how much better you did than others..
Lets say there was one person who scored 700, one who scored 750, and one who scored 800, while there were millions who scored below 700.
A score of 700 would be in the 99th percentile.</p>

<p>thanks for the quick and clear reply!!!!</p>

<p>The percentile is also different for each test. For example, on the Chinese SAT II, 780 is probably more like 80% percentile.</p>

<p>Lower than that- according to a table on the back of one of my score reports, an 800 on chinese is somewhere in the 60s for percentile.</p>

<p>i got a 780 in MatIIc and that was only in the 84th percentile</p>

<p>remember that the SAT I curve is like a bell: low number of scorers on either end, with a lot in the middle. Because of this, the percentages even out near the tails. </p>

<p>Say you're talking about verbal, the upper percentiles go like this:
800 99+
790 99
780 99
770 99
760 99
750 98
740 98
730 97
720 97
710 96
700 95
690 94
680 93
670 92
660 90
650 89</p>