<p>Is anyone else besides me using the 9Pay plan? I just wanted to check if I'm doing it right because I've been getting billing info emails that are confusing me. If we set up scheduled 9Pay payments, we don't have to do anything else right? We can ignore the whole "quarter tuition deadline" thing?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>yeah you don't have to doit. iwas confused as well but they said just pay the amount the first of every month from aug-mar.</p>

<p>Right, we're also using 9pay and are actually printing out coupons and mailing our payments. My spouse doesn't like making online payments. You can go online into your student's account (assuming they've set up guest access) to see that your payments have been logged in.</p>

<p>Alright, thanks for the replies!</p>

<p>This happened to us, and worth considering....an error was made in data entry, and a payment credit was not posted. I kept copies of each 9Pay statements, and was able to see where the error occurred.</p>

<p>APOL, did you use the automatic scheduling?</p>

<p>See private message for more details</p>