9th Grader in need of advice!

<p>I'm a 9th grader currently studying in my 2nd year in India. Before this, I was studying in Washington state. My career choice is to be a cardiologist. I'm really hoping to get into Harvard, though I know that I need nothing short of a miracle to achieve it. I get very good grades, and I've been doing horse riding for the second year, although I'm not extremely good. My school also offers a program wherein you can help the less fortunate children in learning English, mathematics, and basic science.</p>

<p>As of now, what do you guys think my chances are of getting into Harvard?
What do I need to work harder on?</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>The very best students have under 7% chance of Harvard admissions. International students have less chances than that. Your goal should be to grow as a scholar and a member of your community – and not be focused on a name. If you’re successful in your maturation, you’ll be successful in your collegiate (and hopefully medical school) career. To say “I want to go to Harvard” as a ninth grade mantra seems pretty Quixotic at this stage. Viable Harvard candidates are viable candidates for practically every university in the world.</p>

<p>You might find the advice in this thread useful too</p>

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<p>I’d estimate your chances are about 3.25 %, but I don’t really know you too well. You should open up to the possibilites of some other schools, like Arizona State!</p>

<p>You’re on the right track, but, honey, you’re a freshman. You’re chances will become far clearer in a year. For now, just work on finding activities outside of school that you can commit to and excel in.</p>