A 2016er have some questions

<p>Hello! I am a newly admitted international student. I might attend ND and before I made my final decision I have several questions.</p>

<li>I did not apply for FA and I wonder if there any chance for me to receive some money after freshman year? </li>
<li>How to get into business school? A good GPA or what?</li>
<li>Are there many internship opportunities? Do you think a ND diploma is gonna serve me well in the US job market? </li>
<li>Is there any better way to learn more about it besides its official website?</li>

<li><p>Definitely a question for the Financial aid office. They are really nice there and can answer your question better than I can. </p></li>
<li><p>You pick your college at the end of freshman year after completing a year in the First Year Studies program.If you are in good academic standing, you can enter Mendoza. </p></li>
<li><p>As a freshman, I have not yet began to think about internships, but the career center here is fantastic. Over winter break I got to take part in their Job Shadow program which was a wonderful experience. I know there are multiple career/internship fairs on campus over the course of the year. Also, a ND degree will be very helpful for finding a job after graduation. ND alums are some of the most loyal on the planet and having an ND degree can get you into some pretty high places.</p></li>
<li><p>I highly suggest visiting the campus if you can. I know being an international night make this challenging but it is really worth the trip. I knew I wanted to come here the second I set foot on campus. It really in an indescribable feeling!</p></li>

<p>Good luck with your decision!
Go Irish!</p>

<p>Sorry to be off topic.
Princetongirl, I am a junior right now. I feel exactly like you do in regards to an awesome feeling when on campus. Im from mo and have been twice, once touring and once for a football weekend. I felt like i was in heaven both times. Did you talk about that at all in your application essays? I know a lot of people probably say that and it would seem stereotypical.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for everybody's reply. I hope to meet you on campus this August!</p>

<p>@Gwashfadzy I briefly touched on it in my Why ND essay but I didn't expand on it too much. I was worried (as you are) that it would be a little cliche.</p>

<p>Thanks Princetongirl</p>