A 650 point increase throughout an entire year? Suggestions?

<p>So, I'm a rising junior who took the SAT for the first time this past June. </p>

<p>Here are my results:</p>

<p>CR: 560
M: 560
W: 610 (essay: 8) (mc: 62)</p>

<p>So, basically, I'm going to take the test two more times (December and then again May). Now, I normally would have been happy with a score just above a 2100, but, after speaking to my school's college counselor, things have changed. In 9th grade, I took an extremely challenging French course (I'd never spoken the language put I was placed into regular French since they had no other courses - I lived in Haiti) and well, I got a 67%. This practically destroyed my chances of ever getting into a good school (either want to go to Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, or NYU). Now, my college counselor advised that if I get above a 2300 on the SAT it would balance out my application much more, and it may even divert their attention from that horrid French grade. So, basically, now I have to aim for something above a 2300. And, I need your help, since I only have about 10 months to do this. So, please, if you have any suggestions.</p>

<p>** I already have the Blue Book and Princeton Review's, as well as Word Smart 2 and another vocab book (something called 1,000 words a freshman should now) and I also have a pack of notecards from Kaplan.</p>

<p>None? 40 views and no one has suggestions :(?</p>

<p>At your 67 in French: I wouldn't say your chances are destroyed. It's a 67 in your freshman year; colleges really aren't going to be that appalled unless you had received the 67 in your junior year or something. Assuming your grades have had an upward trend and your GPA is near 4.0, you should be fine.</p>

<p>At your SAT scores: 10 months is a lot of time. Keep practicing from the Blue Book and make sure that you check all of your answers, right or wrong, and read the explanations about why they're right/wrong. Read the practice questions SLOWLY and CAREFULLY at first. After a few tests, you should feel comfortable with limiting the time to the allotted time for each section on the actual test. Keep doing questions within these restricted time limits, and keep going over all of the questions you do (perhaps just the wrong ones later on since you will have been practicing for so long).
You should also get the Direct Hits vocabulary books. They're probably the best for improving your vocab, and many people on these forums agree.</p>

<p>Hope this helps. Good luck!

<p>Well i'm on the same boat as you man. Except I got Cs haha in honors classes lmfao
Now I'm trying to improve my SAT score (got a 1350 on a Princeton review practice test)</p>

<p>I gotta improve at least 800-1000 points atleast.
<em>crossing my fingers</em></p>

<p>Anyways, I got the Gruber's Complete SAT 2010 and its amazing in math so far. Haven't seen the other CR or writing but i heard it wasn't that effective. But I definitely suggest using Grubers to improve math. </p>

<p>anyways good luck man</p>