A- and B+ semester grades for AP Biology

<p>Is the B+ semester grade going to keep me down?</p>

<p>Cry about it.</p>

<p>i need answer not ur interpellations.</p>

<p>depends where you want to go.</p>

<p>Personally, that would crush me. Having a B in a science class (no matter how fluffy it is...and Bio is the king of fluffy) would just hurt me mentally.</p>

<p>Bring that up NOW. And get a 5 on the AP. Do both of those, and you'll be set. However, if it's too late for the grade, just get a 5 on the AP, then in August negotiate with the teacher, showing him your grade and trying to get him to change your grade. Otherwise...It won't hurt much, but it's just another little ding against you. They add up.</p>

<p>This seems to be getting a little obsessive. In order, colleges look at difficulty of curriculum, gpa, and standardized test scores. After that different colleges will look at essays, recommendations and extracurriculars in different orders depending on the college. So many people apply to the very top schools that it is a crap shoot, anyway. For every successful applicant, there are four or five denies who are statistically the same as the ones who were accepted. In 2003, there were 760 people with 1600 on their SAT's. Of those, two thirds applied to Harvard and less than 200 were accepted. In other words, it is insane. A B+ won't kill you. In your essay, try to stand out from the crowd. Also, find specific things out about the school and explain why you and the school are such a good match. In your extracurriculars, try to show "passion" in one or two activities.</p>

<p>my grade is low cuz its deflation dawgg.</p>

<p>wow a B+ that's like taboo on CC or something</p>

<p>tru dat but so are ppl with no lives (ie you)</p>

<p>What exactly is wrong with a B+ in a college course?</p>

<p>Some teachers are harder than others. For example, my teacher is one of the teachers that grades the ap biology essays. Mostly everyone gets b's. I think maybe two people in the whole entire class got a's. Then again, about 90% of the class gets 5's on the ap test. The rest get 4's. I think only one person has gotten a 3 in the last two years. It depends on the teacher and colleges should recognize that your class is harder if you get a 5.</p>

<p>flatulent, shut up. you wanted to promote your homosexuality to give you a better chance at a college.</p>

<p>and a B+ in biology. pathetic. I'm not going to an ivy league school and i think that's pathetic</p>

<p>eat grass.</p>

<p>^ true. seriously, how can being gay give u an edge. dey are people like the rest of us. no one should get special attention and an advantage just because they are different</p>

<p>Affirmative action is wrong

<p>Arabian person, 1300 SAT, 3.8 GPA - harvard acceptance
White person, 1550 SAT, 3.95 GPA - rejected
Similar ECs</p>

<p>I don't know about you, but i'd rather have my future leader of tomorrow having those high SATs and GPAs, regardless of race. The only thing that made the Arabian more qualified was an uncontrollable aspect in their life.</p>

<p>in my bio ap class we had a new teacher and the entire class with all periods got either a's or b's. the class was a total of 200 points and he gave 40 points extra credit if u went to a presentation. so yeah if you guys are getting deflated...that sucks</p>

<p>There was one A- in my IB Math class, and the rest were B's or lower. (Including kids going off to Stanford and Oxford).
The entire class got 7's on the exam, though, except for one 6.</p>

<p>There was only one A- in my IB Physics class, and only one A- in my IB Chem class, the rest < B+</p>

<p>There were only 2 A-'s in my IB Bio class, the rest below that.</p>

<p>Try going to a school where you actually have to think, and then say B+'s are bad grades. :)</p>